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Do you agree that to jump higher is one of the basic elements in sports? Well, it is an undeniable fact in which a person must obtain this ability in order to be a very good player.


In sports, a good player must go through certain levels to increase their vertical. This ability gives you the advantage as one of the best player on your team. And, that can also take you to a level of superiority against any of your opponents.


The ability to jump higher has been widely practice in most sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, and football. Its learning process using the best way is not that difficult to practice.


You only need to be diligent in obtaining this ability in just a short period of time. And, you also must have confidence with yourself to reach your goal. The reality is that your capability to increase your vertical shows the difference of winning and losing a game.


The few inches that are added when you’re pulling up for a shot or when you’re doing an overhead slam, can definitely help you and your team in winning a game. .

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The best way to increase your vertical is to follow a workout that has been proven to add ten inches or more in vertical leaps. This is the proven exercise routine; it starts with strengthening and straining your legs using weights.The idea is to generate strength of the legs through performing a specific exercise that gives stress to legs. There are other exercise routines that target your legs which are jumping rope, wall sit ups, squats, quad extension, and leg curls. In doing squats, you need to bend yourself down and leap upward.

The point is that as you leap upward you have placed an extensive weight on your shoulders. This is a routine which practice and prepares you to increase your vertical. After going through this exercise routine, you will find added inches as you leap upward.

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Another workout is to perform jumping as high as you can. The performing of vertical leaps will have the same results like doing squats. It will strengthen and train your leg muscles that makes your legs used to the motion of increasing your vertical and speed.Your frequent practice to increase your vertical will also result to building up of muscles that strengthens your legs. These are also some of the workout routines that target the strengthening of your legs that includes toe raises, knee bends, leg presses, and leg lunges.

It’s a workout that can effectively trigger the building of extra strength starting from your toes to leg muscles. Additionally, it also focuses on providing a fortification of your leg muscles, thigh muscles, calves, and quadriceps.

Vertical  Technique 3

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Moreover, you must also do workouts for your back and abdomen muscles. You need to understand that in order to have the ability to jump higher, you should obtain a proportionate body.If your muscles are not in proportion the result is an imbalance that may not lift yourself upwards as you jump, and may also result to difficulties of landing yourself safely and properly.

Aside from going through the perfect routine, you should prepare yourself a continuous healthy and nutritious meal. It’s an essential component that helps you in your daily routine. And, include a combination of vegetable, protein rich foods, meat, and dairy products to sustain your body with full energy.Thus, a nutritious diet together with the best routine exercise is the effective way in obtaining the ability to jump higher.



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"I recommend the Jump Manual to any athlete who is serious about maximizing their quickness and vertical explosion. I have seen the program work time and time again. It's an intense regimen but there are tremendous gains to be had."

- Brandon Peterson
  Former Strength and
  Conditioning Coach from
  Utah Valley University.


"What I was most surprised about the training program was how little time it took each day to get those kind of results. 2 weeks after doing the training my vertical was increased. I was quicker and dunking easily. My training will never be the same and I would recommend without hesitation to all my team mates. Thanks again."

- Stephen W

Ontario, Canada


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